Hey guys, welcome to the fitness portion of my journey!

We are called to take care of our bodies, including our minds to glorify God. What this means is that if we offer our whole selves (physically, mentally, emotionally) to Him, we are giving Him the best gift; taking care of the gift He has given us. Also, when we take care of ourselves, we can in turn, take care of others- another thing we are called to do. 

One message I am personally aspiring to 'send out' to the world regarding fitness is the importance of pushing our bodies, but, at the same time, in a smart, non-egotistical and effective manner. I do not know everything there is to know about fitness, but I do know a lot and have transformed my past unhealthy habits to healthier habits- boy, am I glad to be on this side of things!

In this section of my blog, you can expect to find PDF files for my programs, pictures of me performing certain exercises with a brief description of how to execute the exercises properly as well as sample workout/ nutrition guides.

For now, some of the workouts from my current shred program are explained on my IG account. 

Feel free to subscribe to my blog to get email updates to my new and upcoming plans! These plans below are free and of access to anyone, all I ask is that you take before and after pictures, that way when I do get to selling my full workout guides, I can use you as a testimony! 


This workout plan contains simple yet difficult exercises for beginners of all ages looking to start a program at home without a gym. The plan also includes daily affirmations, body positive weekly verses to focus on and simple things to think about.

I always love doing personal development after an intense workout where my brain is flowing with creativity and happy endorphins!

Plug in your favorite music, grab your resistance band, head over to your living room and get sweatin’!

gym guide (1).jpg

This guide contains 8 full weeks of training, fitness and diet tips, areas to self reflect on how your training is going, and ab workout variations.