A Little About Miss Addie

Adelynn has brought nothing but joy to both my life and Kyle's life along with anyone else she has ever met; family, friends, her childcare sitters, or even the people strolling by on our walks. She has a contagious smile and her laugh will forever be a light to my day. I cherish this little girl I am blessed to call my own. 

She is now 15 months old... wow! It is hard to believe! It seems like it was just yesterday she popped out of me and I was holding her in my arms with no other feeling than of pure joy. It was the most surreal moment of my life. My baby girl isn't going to be a baby for much longer so we really need to cherish these moments and of course, take pictures and videos... and a lot of them! 

Right now she is starting to walk, but for the most part she is still crawling. She knows how to walk but prefers to crawl...? Silly girl! She likes to go on walks, take baths, play with other kids, watch baby cartoons, and do funny little things like take a cleaning rag and dust the house with mom while saying, "clean, clean, clean, clean". 

I look forward to the memories I get to make with her each and every day. What special blessings kids are in our lives!

 Both beautiful photos shot by Phil Donley  IG: @donleyphotography

Both beautiful photos shot by Phil Donley

IG: @donleyphotography